This page links to various ongoing and past research projects. Click on project titles to see additional details. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact me at

Current Projects

Modeling water governance in the Lake Champlain Basin (UVM)

My postdoctoral research investigates how multilevel governance structures in the Lake Champlain Basin affect land use, water quality, and ecosystem services.

Risk perceptions in the provision of aquatic ecosystem services (SESYNC)

This project is a SESYNC pursuit and a large-scale collaboration among researchers from (at least) 12 institutions. We’re working to compare water quality and adaptive management in the Lake Champlain and Lake Erie social-ecological systems.

Farmer adaptability to climate change in the Iowa-Cedar River Basin (U of I)

My primary research project at the University of Iowa explored the resilience and adaptability of the coupled human-natural system in the Iowa-Cedar River Basin. I developed and coupled an agent-based model of farmer land use decisions to climatic and biophysical models to better understand the economic and environmental effects of farmer adaptability.

Past Projects

Ecosystem service valuation and socio-cultural phenomena

This project was an interesting collaboration sparked by the NSF IGERT program and a workshop at Portland State University. We produced a framework for incorporating socio-cultural phenomena in the non-monetary valuation of cultural ecosystem services.

Water security in Tamil Nadu

This project sought to understand the network of causality leading to, and resulting from, local water security in rural Tamil Nadu, India.

Spatial analysis of vaccine exemptions in California kindergartens

What started as class project turned into an interesting paper looking at the social and spatial determinants of personal belief exemptions (PBEs) in California.

Fire on the fringe

The Fire on the Fringe project was a SESYNC graduate pursuit that investigated how the configuration of defensible space around individual homes might affect landscape scale fire dynamics near San Diego, CA.